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Best Burglar Alarm Systems for Home Security

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Best Burglar Alarm System

We offer affordable and reliable family-friendly security systems that are designed to keep you safe.

Protecting your home and family is a top priority for all of us. With the recent rise in crime rates, it has become even more important to keep your family safe and secure. Our security alarm system aims to help you do just that by giving you an extra layer of protection with its latest features and offerings.

Protect your home with a monitored burglar alarm or monitored fire alarms, as well as camera surveillance. Don't let your family be left unprotected just because you have a door alarm!

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Enjoy Your Smart Life

When you leave home, it will push notification message to you when the door/window opens or closes, so you can discover the intruder in time.

Easy installation!

We offer a quick and easy installation process that can be completed in just a few minutes, with no holes drilled and no mess to clean up later.

Connects upto 50+ Devices

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to completely secure your home. Enjoy the luxury to connect up to 50 smart security devices to protect every corner of your home.

A smart choice for your family's safety

Safety starts at home - and with our brilliant pieces of technology, your family will be well protected against intruders and hackers.

Monitoring 24×7.

How wireless home alarm systems works?

Push instant notification: Instantly know important events when your home security system detects a door or window opening. This means you can rest easier knowing your little one won’t get out on their own, and you can be notified when your aging parents come and go without having to worry!

Provides 24-hour monitoring: You can now check whether the doors or windows in your office are open from anywhere, anytime thanks to our app.

Loud alarm: will be triggered by someone opening or closing a door or window, making you aware of what is happening.

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Monitor Your Home Any Time, Anywhere...

Have you been worried about the safety and security of your home and family? That's the past now...! Connect your sensors with the main unit to get a high-tech security system for your home.

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What is the purpose of a Home Alarm System installed?

Advantages of Installing Home Alarm System

In this age of time when we use different kinds of devices in our daily lives, we provide support for all your devices. Mobile, tablet or computer, you can look at your home and desktop at the same time, on one or several screens, from all over the world.

Easy connection with your home security system: Door alarms can easily be connected to your existing home security system, so you know if and when someone's trying to break in. This way, if you have smart home security, it will notify you whether it's an attempted break-in or an actual break-in when your door is opened.

Wireless installation: Most door and window alarms work on a wireless system. This has a number of benefits, because it means you can place them where you want. You don’t need to be near an outlet when they are installed and they still connect to your home system using a cellular or broadband internet connection.

Affordable: You don't have to just rely on the alarm system, there are a multitude of ways you can add more security. One of these is by installing door & window sensors. They're cheaper than setting up a whole new home security system and they provide an additional layer of protection for your house/company premises.

Remote operation: To help monitor your system when you’re not home, many of them can be programmed to only send notifications when a contact sensor is activated. This way, you don’t have to stay notified 24/7 and can instead focus on other important aspects of your day. Some door alarms can be disarmed by giving a specific password to the system so that people outside an apartment, for example, can enter without setting off an alarm.


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