Intercom system & Epabx Services

Intercom & EPABX systems


Intercom system & EPABX Services is the foremost company in Hyderabad for security systems. Smart Secures provides prime class service on intercom ( business telephone systems ) & EPABX for security systems in Hyderabad. Smart Secures will definitely provide a perfect touch to security systems.

To start working on any project, our hardworking team provides a complete planning for your residence. Our expert team takes care of your any kind of intercom system (business telephone systems) from beginning to till the end.

Apart from this we also do the suggesting ways for enhancing of intercom system (business telephone systems) & epabx services and security systems in Hyderabad.

An intercom system is a stand-alone voice communications system for use within a constructing or collection of buildings. Hyderabad is one of the most trust-able security systems. Smart Secures offer Business Telephone Systems & epabx services. with Comfort Price is yet another element of security systems in Hyderabad that needs a lot of attention.


The Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange is a complex in-house telephone switching system. This includes choice of wireless epabx services of all brands and prompts after sales and service.


  • Quick Set-up facility
  • Personal Call Forward
  • Multilevel Auto Operator
  • Caller ID With Name
  • Automated Attendant
  • Selective Trunk Barring
  • Auto Redial Up To 99 Times
  • Digital Volume Control
  • Conference Calling